Presidents of the Delaware Tennis Foundation

1955 William “Willie” du Pont, Jr.
1957 Philip “Bryan” Field
1959 Ellwood Altmaier
1961 Ed Morrow
1963 Henry Rothrock
1965 Charles Sylvester
1967 F.A.C. “Dutch” Vosters 
1969 Edwin Ginn
1971 Richard Botsch
1973 John Martin
1975 Lyle King
1977 Donald Altmaier
1979 James Baird
1981 Lou K. Dods
1983 Richard Emmert
1985 Arthur G. Connolly
1987 Charles Oertel
1989 Larry Hampton
1992 Faith Jolley
1995 Jeffrey Olmstead
1997 Peter Morrow
1999 Larry Lindsey
2001 Edward McQuillin
2003 Dan Kegelman
2005 Robert Rickard
2007 Mark Manning

2012 Pam Meitner

2015 Paul Costello

2018 Barry Snyder

Board of Directors

Barbara Blumberg

Paul Costello

Nancy Keiper

Ed McQuillin

Pam Meitner

Kristin Mumford

Araceli Popen

Megan Reardon

Joan Schneikart

Barry Snyder

Theresa Stover

Cindy Wilkinson


The mission of the Delaware Tennis Foundation (DTF) is to provide financial support for programs run by the USTA/MS/DD, and other organizations or individuals which also promote the health and wellness benefits of tennis, specifically aimed at increasing tennis participation in the state. Emphasis will be placed on those programs and activities that help  juniors and underrepresented communities be introduced to and participate in the sport of tennis. 


Tennis First in the First State


Formerly known as the Delaware Foundation for Physical  Education, the Delaware Tennis Foundation (DTF) was founded in 1953 by three farsighted tennis players, William “Willie” du Pont, Jr., F.A.C. “Dutch” Vosters, Jr., and Philip “Bryan” Field.


The board voted to change the name to DTF to more clearly identify it as a foundation devoted to promoting the game of tennis. For the past 59 years, your contributions have provided tennis lessons on public courts for children, summer jobs for developing players, beginner clinics for newcomers of all ages, and the means to host a wheelchair tennis tournament -- right here in our community.

The Delaware Tennis Foundation (DTF) has been providing financial assistance to Delaware tennis organizations to help them grow the game for over 50 yrs. DTF provides financial support to the USTA Delaware District for after school programs and junior tennis leagues, Rodney Street Tennis and Tutoring for their year round tennis programs, Delaware Wheelchair Tennis, and funds for scholarships for juniors participating in tennis activities. We hope that you will come to our fund raising events and donate to this worthy cause.

Barry Snyder




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Foundation, Inc. 

President - Barry Snyder
Vice President - Joan Schneikart
Treasurer - Megan Reardon
Secretary - Theresa Stover