​Delaware Tennis Foundation, Inc.  


1995             Bunny Vosters

1996             Ed Garcia, Gretchen Spruance

1997             Lou Dods,
Nancy Keiper

1998             Peggy Woolard

1999             Faith Jolley, Dot Kropf, Oscar SebastianRay Walker, Evie Waxman

2000             Ellin Foote, Larry Hampton

 Pano Anthos, Dick Botsch, Jeff Olmstead

2002             Dick Emmert, Lois Huggins, Ed McQuillin

2004             Peter Morrow, Licky Randolph

 Sue Johnson, Cindy Prendergast

2006             Pat  Friz, Dave Marshall, Roy Rylander , Bob  Wiederhorn

2007             Greg Barkley, Mary Moore, Harry Shur

2009             Tom Ellis, Laura Travis

2010             Jeff Harrison, Dave Hubinger, Joan Schneikart

2011             Chuck Herak, Dan Kegelman,  Araceli Sebastian-Popen

Bob Bratcher, Jim Flesch, Deb Piper

2013            Gaby Brengle, Mark Manning, Pete Rigby, Gene Thompson    

2015            Don Altmaier, Mark Centrella, Monique Holloway,  Bryan Sauer

2016            Madison Brengle, Paul Costello, Sue Gardiner, Brint Morrow

​2018           Jackie Roe, Jim Harvey, Joe Kissel, Melissa Jackson  

The mission of the Delaware Tennis Hall of Fame is to recognize, honor, celebrate and preserve the legacy of those individuals who have advanced the life long sport of tennis in Delaware in either of the following ways:

  • By exhibiting outstanding performance as a player over a sustained period of time in statewide, regional, national or international tennis competition.
  • By growing and supporting the sport over a sustained period of time as an instructor, coach, mentor, administrator, tournament official or active volunteer.       

  Inductees by year: