​Delaware Tennis Foundation, Inc.  

    Basic Guidelines for the Delaware

    Tennis Foundation Grants:

  1. Grants may provide financial support for programs run by the USTA Delaware District, and other organizations or individuals which also promote the health and wellness benefits of tennis, specifically aimed at increasing tennis participation in the state. 
  2. Emphasis will be placed on those programs and activities that help juniors and underrepresented communities be introduced to and participate in the sport of tennis.
  3. A completed application is required before grants will be considered by the committee.
  4. A project closing report may be required by DTF at the conclusion of the project.

Request a Grant from the Delaware Tennis Foundation

The Delaware Tennis Foundation provides grants to organizations in the state that promote and help grow the game of tennis. Particular emphasis is placed on programs that work with juniors and underserved communities. In the past DTF has provided financial grants to The Rodney Street Tennis & Tutoring Association, Delaware Wheelchair Tennis, and the After School Club Tennis Program and Junior Team Tennis sponsored by the USTA Delaware District.

All grant requests must be received by May 15. Please provide the information requested below. If you have questions, please contact Barry Snyder: bjsnyder4@gmail.com