​Delaware Tennis Foundation, Inc.  

Position Opening - Delaware Tennis Foundation
Part Time Administrative Assistant

If you are looking for a tennis centered part time job opportunity, we have a great opportunity for you! Join the Delaware Tennis Foundation (DTF) – an organization that provides financial support to organizations working to increase tennis participation in Delaware, especially junior players in underrepresented communities.  You can earn some extra income and grow the sport of tennis at the same time!

Part-time - Approximately 275 hours per year (More hours required in Hall of Fame Years)

Primary Responsibilities

  • Planning Fundraising Events (4 Events a year & Hall of Fame Dinner every other year)
  • Creating Event Invitations, Posters and Printed Materials. Tracking responses for events.
  • Promotion of Events via e-mail list by sending email blasts regarding events and monthly news. 
  • Maintain social media pages.
  • Keep website up to date working with web master. Managing and updating Master Database
  • Printing and assembling mailings for Annual Appeal, Hall of Fame Dinner
  • Planning Board Meetings (4 - 6 per year)
  • Attending and working all events
  • Purchasing and storing office supplies such as paper, envelopes and stamps
  • Checking Post Office Box, Depositing Checks for Events and Contributions

This position is pivotal in keeping DTF board connected and informed. Board members are responsible for overall attendance of events. Admin is responsible for taking direction from members on promotions, sending emails, updating posts in event pages, etc.

Interested individuals should contact Barry Snyder at bjsnyder4@gmail.com